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Dance Classics Remix by DJ INAGEE (AUG 2022)
1.Jungle Boogie/Funk The Sound
2.Without Luv(Extended Mix)/Disco Gurls
3.Lambada/Luca Debonaire feat.Palash
4.Betty Davis/Block & Crown
5.My Girl/Ghostbusterz
6.Der Kommisar(Extended Mix)/Saint Tropez Caps
7.Give It To The Funk/Ghostbusterz
8.Venus From The Past/Block & Crown
9.Big Energy/Richard Grey
10.Without U(Extended Mix)/Disco Gurls feat.The Soul Gang
11.Stand By Me/Martina Budde,Amer M
12.Self Control/Block & Crown
13.Suzanne Dinner(Extended Mix)/Disco Gurls
14.Special Groove 2022/Block & Crown,Paul Parsons
15.Dance For Me(Extended Mix)/GhostMasters
16.U Spin Me/Disko Junkie
17.Don’t Stop(Fonly Dub Mix)/Disco Incorporated
18.Stand Up/Soulife
19.Saved My Life/Nari,Steve Tosi
20.Push All Night/Ghostbusterz
21.Very Supersticious(Extended Mix)/GhostMasters,Junior Miller
22.Set Me Free/Kevin Andrews,Flaunt-It