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Dance Classics Remix by DJ INAGEE (SEP 2022)
1.Do You Love Me/Adri Blok, Paul Parsons
2.U’re Simply The Best(Extended Mix)/Disco Gurls,The Soul Gang
3.Sexy Jane(Extended Mix)/GhostMasters
4.Relight My Dubbs/Block & Crown,Paul Parsons
5.Greatest Dancer/House Of Prayers
6.Stars Song/Nari,Steve Tosi
7.Waiting 4 Tonight(Extended Mix)/Disco Gurls
8.Soul Man/Block & Crown feat.Daniel Goodheart
9.Together Forever/Block & Crown feat.THE SOULBOYZ
10.Egyptian Walk(Extended Mix)/Disco Gurls feat.The Soul Gang
11.Party Rockerz/Block & Crown,Lissat
12.What’s Up/Ghostbusterz
13.Lovely/Eugenio Fico
14.Do I Do/Micky More,Andy Tee,Angela Johnson
15.I Know/Block & Crown,Lissat,Maickel Telussa
16.Intergalactic Kiss/Block & Crown
17.Holiday/Cheesecake Boys,Betty Love
18.Another One Bites The Dust(Nu Disco Extended Mix)/Paul Jockey, Dannie Mercury
19.Ma Quale Idea/Block & Crown,Da Clubbmaster
20.How Deep Is Your Luv(Extended Mix)/GhostMasters
21.Chasing Waterfalls(Extended Mix)/Disco Gurls
22.Sunshine Day/Maickel Telussa