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Dance Classics Remix by DJ INAGEE (FEB 2021)

1.Happy Song(Extended Mix)/Enrico Ostendorf,DJ Blackstone
2.Ride Like The Wind(Extended Mix)/Luca Debonaire,Paul Parsons
3.Boogie No More(Extended Mix)/Block & Crown,Paul Parsons
4.Das Phatt/Block & Crown,Lissat,Paul Parsons feat.Donny Fray
5.Ladies Night(Nu Disco Mix)/Discotron,HP Vince
6.Watchin’ Me/Block & Crown,Marc Rousso
7.Love Magic(Danny Krivit 7″ Edit)/John Davis & The Monster Orchestra
8.I Love To Love(Extended Mix)/Jackers Revenge and Paul Parsons feat.Kate Brennan
9.Pick Up The Pieces/Disko Junkie
10.Stereophonic/Mike Balance feat.DJ Dan
11.Sophisticated Clubtools,Vol.1(Extended Mix)/Block & Crown,Soulvation
12.Saxel/Paul Parsons,Block & Crown
13.MacArthur Park/Michael Gray feat.Kelli Sea
14.How Gee(Angelo Ferreri Remix)/Milk Bar,Santarini,Dollarman,Antonio Contino,Angelo Ferreri
15.Lessons In Love(Extended Mix)/Block & Crown,Paul Parsons
16.Havin’ Such A Good Time/Block & Crown
17.The Best Of My Love(Extended Mixx)/Adri Blok,Paul Parsons
18.Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel(Jet Boot Jack Extended Mix)/Martina Budde,Eric Faria
19.Kick This Feelin'(Extended Mix)/Block & Crown
20.The Rain/Block & Crown,Lissat
21.Strawberry/Mark Funk & Danny Cruz
22.What A Feeling(Block & Crown & Vacuii 2020 Club mix)/Luca Debonaire