Play Dance Classics Remix by DJ INAGEE MAY 2023.mp3


定期更新のダンスクラシックリミックス。今回のレアカバーは6曲目Christofer Crossのヒット、8曲目Europe/The Final Countdownカバー、20曲目The Rolling Stonesのロック名曲Miss Youカバーなどかな。Enjoy!!!

Dance Classics Remix by DJ INAGEE (MAY 2023)
1.It’s True/Nari & Steve Tosi
2.She’s Got It/Ghostbusterz
3.Groove Tonight(Extended Mix)/Plastik Funk,Mr.Belt & Wezol feat.Tim Morrison
4.Baby Talk To Me/Block & Crown
5.I.O.U.(Dr Packer Extended Remix)/Freeez
6.Sailing/Block & Crown
7.Higher & Higher/Ghostbusterz
8.T.F.C.(Extended Mix)/FREAK ON
9.Rock The Night/Sandro Puddu
10.Love’s Gone Behind(Club Mix)/Disco Gurls
11.I’ll Be Around/Two Lee,Chris Commisso
12.Sax In The Mix/Block & Crown
13.Right Now/Nari,Steve Tosi
14.Rock You Up/Nari,Steve Tosi
15.Must Be Love/Adri Block,Paul Parsons
16.An Easy Lover(Extended Mix)/GhostMasters,The GrooveBand
17.Fly High/Crazibiza, Babes on the Run
18.Kick Ya Legs In The Air/Block & Crown,Paul Parsons
19.Upside Down/Giorgio V.
20.Roll The Stones/Block & Crown,Lissat
21.This Is My Last Dance/Block & Crown,Lissat,Paul Parsons
22.Need You Tonight/Wild Joker,Max Millan