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Dance Classics Remix by DJ INAGEE (AUG 2021)

1.Heat/Softmal,Nytron,Cadu Novellino
2.I Feel For You/Disko Junkie
3.Hard Work For Money/Martina Budde,DJ Frisco,Marcos Peon
5.Shakedown And Boogie(Extended Mix)/ROMBE4T
6.A.B.C./Block & Crown,Lissat
7.Little Birdy(Extended Mix)/Tony Garcia,Rubber People
8.That’s The Way/Nari
9.Let It Play(On & On NUDisco 2021 Mix)/Block & Crown
10.Sexy/Paul Parsons,Lissat
11.Disco Stepper/House of Prayers
12.Braggin’ About Yourself(Block & Crown Clubmix)/Marc Rousso
13.Let Me Down(Extended Mix)/GhostMasters
14.The Rhythm Of The Night/Block & Crown
15.West End Girls(Nudisco 2021 Club Mix)/Block & Crown feat.Boyz R Busy
16.Everybody Dance(Nu Disco Mix)/Hp Vince
17.Everybody(Extended Mix)/Brett Gould
18.Bamba La Bamba/Block & Crown,Maickel Telussa
19.Turn The Beat Around/ReLight Orchestra,Mitch B.,Meters Follow feat.Melanie
20.Not My Lover/Richard Grey,Lissat
21.Listen To The Music/Block & Crown
22.Tropicana Sweat/Block & Crown