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定期更新のダンスクラシックリミックス。今回のレアカバーは8曲目The Cardigansのヒット、12曲目映画ブレイクダンスの挿入歌The Bar Kaysカバー、14曲目PlayerのAOR名曲カバーなどかな。Enjoy!!!

Dance Classics Remix by DJ INAGEE (MAR 2023)
1.Miami/Nari,Steve Tosi
2.Wanna Dance With Somebody/Ghostbusterz,Maickel Telussa
3.To Be Real(Extended Mix)/GhostMasters
4.Ride On Time/Todd Terry,Butter Rush
5.Renegade Disco/MF Productions
6.Tragedy/Sandro Puddu
7.Together With You/ReLight Orchestra,Joe Vinyle
8.Lovefool/Yves G
9.Wear It Out/Suki Soul feat.Yam Who & Jaegerossa
10.Radio Gaga(Nu Disco Extended Mix)/Paul Jockey,Dannie Mercury
11.Brick Body/Block & Crown,Paul Parsons
12.Freakshow/Paul Parsons
13.Push All Night/Ghostbusterz
14.Baby Come Back(Extended Mix)/Discotron,Disko Junkie,Sandy’s Groove
15.What I Do/FunkSoul Brothers
16.Get Down/Dj Aiblo
17.I Love You Baby/Lissat,Ghostbusterz
18.I’m So Excited(Extended Mix)/Sound Of Legend
19.A.I.E. A Mwana/MonsieurWilly,Funky French League feat.DJ Kaine
20.X-Press/Nari, Steve Tosi
21.Notorious/Richard Grey,Sherpa,Eddie Pay
22.Night To Remember/Ghostbusterz feat.The Soulboyz